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Welcome to the home of the Southern Dandies. We're a Glasgow based wedding and function band and there's nothing we like more than belting out some great tunes and filling dance floors (OK there are couple of things we like more but we won't mention that here).

We've performed in most of the best venues in Scotland, from castles to civic centres and everything in between. We're full time musicians, so we're happy to travel the length and breadth of the country to entertain you and your guests.  We play a really wide range of material (see our set list on this site). If you fancy a wee bit of ceilidh we do a lively half hour set of all the favourites and we'll "call" the dances for you too if you're a bit rusty.

We invest heavily in our equipment and only use reliable transport, in fact we've never missed or cancelled a single booking in all the years we've been together, braving bad weather, punctures, colds and the odd hangover.  We've had a few strange requests along the way so we're pretty confident we can handle anything you or your guests can throw at us (although we'd prefer it if you didn't actually throw anything at us).

You can get an instant quote and check our availability right here on our web site and if you fancy a chat with one of us just let our support team at Hireaband know and we'll give you a call - talk to Gaye free on 0800 612 3320 and she'll hook you up with one of us pronto.

So, thanks for reading this far - all you have to do is check if we're free and get a quote.  If we are available and within your budget you'll be well on your way to a party you'll never forget.

All the best

The Southern Dandies.

PS Remember, you can get an instant quote and even find out if we're available by clicking the link on this page.  If we're not available then we always recommend people to get in touch with our friends at Hireaband - The Scottish Entertainment Agency behind some of the very best Scottish Wedding Bands